Our API processes data faster up to 15 minutes compared to other similar services. WhaleTrace focuses on increased data accuracy using a bigger dataset. Along with that, WhaleTrace is able to exclude the internal exchange transactions and canceled transactions minimizing the risk of misinformation.

Description of technology

The WhaleTrace API provides you real-time streams and methods for whales moves tracking across various different blockchains. Our API fetched the latest and also stores historical data on unconfirmed transactions. We are using Google Protocol buffers with GRPC, but we support REST API as well.

WhaleTrace API overview is stored for everyone at docs.whaletrace.com
WhaleTrace api client libraries
This repository covers basic usage for WhaleTrace api. For specific language, please look into respective dirs.

Supported blockchains

Supported blockchains

WhaleTrace tracks literally all major blockchains including Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS or Ethereum with the most popular ERC-20 tokens. Our developers continue adding new blockchains and at this moment we already support 600+ cryptocurrencies including stablecoins.

Start using our API now

Create your own custom alerts, use our data for analytics, trading bots or other projects. Almost all blockchain value transactions are available through our API and we are constantly adding more.